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Security Systems

At Fire Security Technologies, Inc. the expression "Better safe than sorry" has two meanings.  First is the obvious standard definition-security precautions are preferable to losses; but it also means "Go with Fire Security Technologies, Inc., rather than regret using a less-qualified provider." 

Fire Security Technologies, Inc. has been implementing effective security systems for over 20 years ranging from single burglar alarms to custom designed and engineered complex networks linking multiple sites and many types of equipment.

Our superior capabilities enable Fire Security Technologies, Inc. to offer such valuable security options as:

  • Break-in Prevention
  • Access Control
  • Entry Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Motion Sensors
  • Fire Alarms
  • Heat Sensors
  • Central Monitoring
  • Closed-circuit TV
  • Infant Security

Feel free to discuss your security needs with Fire Security Technologies, Inc. and let us recommend a thorough, cost-effective, and safe system that's just right for you.

An effective integrated security program calls for many types of components and configurations, and Fire Security Technologies, Inc. can handle them all.  We provide aftermarket add-ons, replacement parts, and full range of testing/maintenance services for all major brands of alarms and other security systems.