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Sensitivity Testing for Smoke Detectors

Smoke detector sensitivity can and does drift.  To help guarantee the performance of smoke detectors and reduce the number of false alarms from over-sensitive detectors, sensitivity should be measured. Regular sensitivity testing is required under certain codes and standards.

The need for sensitivity testing is recognized by various national standards. In theUSA, NFPA 72 1999 Table 7-2.2 (Test Methods) 13.g.1 states: "The detectors shall be tested in place to ensure smoke entry into the sensing chamber and an alarm response. Testing with smoke or listed aerosol...shall be permitted as acceptable test methods..." and continues with:

"....tests shall be performed to ensure that each smoke detector is within its listed and marked sensitivity range..." before stating in 7-3.2.1: 

"...The detector sensitivity shall not be measured using any devices that administers an unmeasured concentration of smoke or other aerosol into the detector"

Contact the Fire Security Technologies, Inc. Inspection Team by dialing extension 220 to schedule your facilities Sensitivity Smoke Detector Testing.