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Analysis of existing fire alarm and detection systems in terms of their installation and/or modifications as related to applicable codes and standards.

Evaluation of a fire alarm and detection systems ability to meet the specific occupancies needs for early fire detection and occupant notification to provide safe egress.

Reconstruction and analysis of a fire alarm and detection systems performance during fires.

Determination of the cause of false or nuisance alarms generated by fire alarm and detection systems and the engineering of acceptable solutions with minimal impact on the system's performance and life safety characteristics.

Development of performance based fire alarm and detection system specifications for architectural and engineering firms as well as governmental type entities where competitive open bidding is required.

Investigation of fire alarm and detection systems wiring methods and materials for conformity with the panel or component manufacturers installation instructions and specifications, The National Electrical Code and other applicable codes and standards as well as evaluating the wiring's protection from damage and survivability under adverse conditions.