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Intercoms are still a Fire Security Technologies, Inc. specialty.  The traditional intercom/PA system today might include computer interfaces, microprocessor units, multimedia compatibilities, and many other helpful features unheard of a generation ago.  Schools within a district can be connected to each other; teachers in classrooms can access off-campus locations; and much more.  Fire Security Technologies, Inc. has the technical expertise and trained staff to evaluate your specific needs and implement a customized intercom system for any educational facility.  From initial design through ongoing maintenance, only Fire Security Technologies, Inc. offers such a high level of knowledge and experience.  So when you need any intercom work, contact Fire Security Technologies, Inc.. 

Fire Security Technologies, Inc. is known for installing customized, feature-rich intercom, public address, and paging systems for commercial and industrial uses.  We are highly experienced in multi-building campuses, industrial complexes, and other sites where you need to link numerous separate structures.  With modular architecture, expansion flexibility, and networking capability, we can satisfy any demanding communications requirements you could present to us.  Depending on your company's needs, Fire Security Technologies, Inc. will implement the ideal mix of one or two-way message transmission with limitless options, including connections to microprocessors, PCs, security systems and much more.  Our intercoms can offer:

  • A broad range of features and functions
  • Instant point-to-point communication
  • Voice paging
  • Programmable group calls
  • Selective music distribution
  • Text messages transmitted to pagers
  • Remote programming and configuration
  • Alarm distribution functions
  • Adaptable master and substation designs

The list goes on and on.  Please feel free to call us.  We will explain our many intercom features and the many ways they can help your company.