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Nurse Emergency Call Systems

They say timing is everything, especially in healthcare facilities.  When a patient or resident needs immediate assistance, you need a reliable, effective response system to help you get there quickly.

Fire Security Technologies, Inc. has immeasurable experience designing and installing nurse call and emergency call systems in hospitals, extended-care facilities, retirement homes, long term care, and other assisted-living applications.  With our quality products and certified technicians, Fire Security Technologies, Inc. can customize a cost-effective, easy-to-operate solution that fits your situation. Among our many systems' options are:

  • Multiple tone/visual configuration choices  
  • Four types of call priorities (normal, emergency, staff emergency, and code)  
  • Connections to Intercoms and all-page  
  • Full-field master station display  
  • Customized annunciator display  
  • Corridor light signals, including indication of call priorities  
  • Ability to monitor a single room or resident  
  • Activity reports detailing calls and responses
  • Pocket Paging interfaces

Given the critical nature of nurse calls and emergency response, both from care giving and liability standpoints, you can not risk having an inadequate or unreliable system. Fire Security Technologies, Inc.  has the experience and inventory to deliver effective ongoing maintenance and testing of all major brands of call systems and related equipment.  We also offer around-the-clock emergency repair service.